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About Oji-River People's Forum

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Oji River People's Forum (OPF) was founded in November 1990 by Dr Theophilus Mbah and Ms Amaka Erih as a way to galvanize Oji River indigenes resident in Houston area into a unified family structure. The inaugural meeting was held in December 1990 at Dr Theophilus Mbah's residence, where OPF held its monthly meeting for seven years. Today, OPF meeting is held on a rotational basis at the members' residents.

At inception, the main goal of OPF was to get together as a family unit to celebrate holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. With time, our goal expanded. Not only that we are our own brothers' keepers - sharing common goals, assisting and supporting one another here, in the United States, we also work together for the common good of our people at home. Recently, we launched a Scholarship program to assist bright and underprivileged students back home to obtain university education. All these are possible because of the love and respect we have for one another, and the passion of the members to give back to our community.

We acknowledge the initiative of the initial six family members, namely Dr. Theophilus Mbah, Ms Amaka Erih, Dr Johnson Uvukansi, Mazi Chike Onyekwelu, Mr. Steve Nnake, and Mr. Mike Ofoegbu, who considered OPF a worthwhile venture. We also acknowledge God's guidance and blessings which helped OPF develop into a more dynamic organization today. Indeed, we are so proud to report that a baby forum that started with very few people in 1990 has now grown far beyond six families. Not only that the number of families in the forum has grown, but most importantly, we now have more than fifty-seven children who are interested in what OPF stands for, and are ready to keep the flag flying when their time comes.

OPF is a vibrant organization, providing specific benefits to members, their families and their children, as well as our people back home.

As a group, we we are law abiding, resourceful, diligent, and enterprising.



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